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Flames, isn’t it almost ridiculous how models always seem to have that luscious skin, all year round, even in winter, which comes visible when they flash the tiniest bit of skin in those glossy magazine photographs? Isn’t it almost mean how they still look amazing in those ‘celebrities without their make up’ snap shots?

Frown no longer, Beauty Flame, there are some secrets to juicy and supersoft skin – a few tricks that will make the whole big difference. If you imply these three easy and absolutely affordable things to your daily bathroom routine you should very soon see – and feel – the difference! Let me tell you at this point that models are very accurate when it comes to their beauty routine which is t h e big secret! And you can do the same.

So here are the things that you can do for softer, moisturised and healthy looking skin and at the same time – when really carried out daily – minimise the appearance of cellulite and eliminate unnecessary water retention from the skin tissue.

Don’t bathe in soap – bathe in milk and lotion! As a matter of fact soap will dry out your skin. You may add a little soap to your bath but how about trying a mix of one part of body lotion (make sure it’s a superb organic product!) and one part of shower gel. For super silky skin add one part of organic body oil – for example avocado or coconut oil additionally to the water. For a special treat do as Cleopatra did and add 1-2 litres of milk to your bath, using low fat milk. I won’t tell you to skip the body lotion afterwards – but you should really try this out and feel  the difference!

Scrubs? Yes, please! Nothing is as vital for soft skin as regular scrubs. Whether you use ready made products or keep it natural as I do – I use Himalayan salt, in which I also bathe to reduce water retention, which is helpful for leaner and slimmer legs –  good exfoliation is so vital as it stimulates blood circulation.This does not only remove dead skin cells but is a key factor in preventing cellulite, it will keep your skin young and smoothe. I do exfoliation once a week, each time before sun bathing and after sauna. For natural scrubs sugar can be used too,  it’s just a question of personal preferences. To make sure your scrub isn’t too harsh on your skin you can simply mix one parts of natural oil (avocado, coconut or olive oil ) with two parts of either sugar or salt.

I never go without my bath glove. Wether I bathe or shower I use my bath glove on a daily basis, to massage the tissue of my thighs, buttocks and belly for a few good minutes. I’ve done it like that for years now and  I would have regretted it by now if I didn’t. There is a few things that you can do for a toned body silhouette: working out, eating right, drinking plenty of water – and massage! Never unederestimate the power of bath gloves, bath mitts and exfoliation sponges. Besides massages have the beautiful side effect of boosting the overall wellbeing – nothing is as beautiful as a happy and confident woman who is well balanced.

I am just recovering from a flue, hence the quiet from my side the past days. Having said that, I think I am better off now for a luscious bath! Feel free to drop me any questions in the comment box – and until the next time:


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Flames, I am super excited talking to you today about Youtube’s make up guru Michelle Phan’s make up line emcometics!

Let me just quickly let you into how I could get my hands on these amazing samples from the cosmetic line of the girl who conquered the world with her truly incredible Youtube tutorials, where she is basically fullfilling any make up dream that we could have dreamt of. A friend of mine happened to be at this year’s SMWLA- the Social Media Week in Los Angeles, where Michelle Phan has been amongst speakers like Aimee Song and WhoWhatWear, representing her impressive brand emcosmetics and her role as stylist on, of which she is also founder. My friend told one of Michelle’s assistants about my blog, which has been perused on spot, so that the best shades were chosen for my skin type and look. I was given the power suit out of Michelle’s career life collection from her life palette, which I am wearing in the photos – and I think it was a perfect choice. I completely love my look wearing em and the fact that these colours are rich and intense, with perfect coverage and long lasting too, since I wore my look until late at night

I was also so kindly given an eye palette- the Bali Bronzes out of her artistic eye colour palette and from her shade play lip colour mixing palette the adorable mix it up pinks, which I would have picked for myself for sure. Michelle’s make up range is all-embracing wonderful, making choices hard to the extend that we will say in the end: I want it all! The concept behind all of these wonderful palettes is that – like a true artist – one can mix colour shades and like that play with light, contour and reflection to create the desired look. I eventually decided to treat my lovely Flames to these special make up goodies!

So here is your chance to win either the lip palette or the eye shadow palette and how to enter:

1)  Follow my blog – via Bloglovin’ by clicking on this icon and entering your e-mail address

2) Comment on one post you thought was fabulous – just click through the categories: My.Style, Beauty, Fashion Trend, Travel on the top bar, to find a post you like. Click on the post and comment.

3) Let me know you followed my blog and commented on one post  (preferably tell me which post you commented on)  by commenting on this post – and that’s your entry !                   (for example: I commented on ‘ALL EYES ON US’– I want to win the lip palette)

The price draw is open to anyone worldwide – no restrictions. If you didn’t follow the above rules (not commenting on a post or not following my blog) I may not accept your entry.

I also recommend following the Flamboyante and Michelle Phan on:

Winner will be announced 15th of November 2013 on my blog!

I am crossing my fingers for you all, don’t forget: a fantastic make up becomes perfect with your brightest smile …

xox, the Flamboyante