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Flames, I’ll be very honest. I am sitting right in-between two stools. I’m in the place where life changing circumstances just changed my life completely, turned it upside down, made it impossible to decide where to go next… When my head is full of decision making and when thoughts linger heavy on my mind I know two things to perfectly distract me: one is traveling – and the other one is fashion, without a doubt.

I may be a little sparing with words lately. In that sense let me please share with you a few impressions from my recent travels to Cologne and the stuff that rocks my world of fashion at the moment for inspiration. Sneakers are absolutely on the top of my hot list for this spring/summer – there is no better foot gear to explore the metropolises of this world than sport shoes. As much as I love the ‘extra inches’ – there is no point in hurting your feet while your eyes want to dwell upon new and unknown sights. Leave the high heels for Fashion Week and the high profile events – that’s where they perfectly belong…

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Style-wise I am lusting after urban chic as well as everything colorful with an ethno touch for the warm season. Current Adidas Originals collection is coming in handy since they combined all of the three. A short over a colorful leggings is always a good idea – especially when high temperatures haven’t already kicked in that much.

Up next it is going to Paris including a short stay at Euro Disney, so fingers crossed that I get a few good snap shots to share with you soon from there….

Love and light,

xox, the Flamboyante



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