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Sweet bits: the city of Copenhagen

Last but not least: after my fashion week – end experience I found a little time for sight-seeing and shopping in Copenhagen. It was last Sunday, I had time for a little boat tour and going to the Ripley museum, which was nice. I’ve been to Copenhagen before, but that’s long ago, and I’m only remembering very little.

Copenhagen is a modern city that offers an eclectic choice and variety of shops (- like the Louboutin shop, I couldn’t resist going there), restaurants, museums and spare time activities. The city is pulsative and vibrant and as I tweeted right away, when I arrived: full of beautiful people. Yes, the Danish are fascinating, the male and the female, I found many people with very dark hair and blue eyes, which I am finding exotic.

Let’s go to the Ripley museum first, the museum of curiosities. Where I find the tallest and smallest men, the bearded woman who got several proposals of marriage on one day, a fish wearing glasses, a bat wearing hollywood paintings on his back, and – the thing I just had to try: the love throne. I had to place my middle finger  on a special reader and then the throne would tell me whether I’m sensational, a sweetheart, a wild thing or passionate…Well see, what the throne said:

Ripley museum, Copenhagen

I loved the Danish bakeries, I think apart from the French, they are the best!

Danish bakeries

When you go on a boat trip, obviously you would only get one perspective: from the sea. I was a little bit disappointed seeing the little mermaid only from the back – but then again her pretty back deserves some attention as well… I embarked on Nyhaven for a little guided tour – I was surprised how small the city actually is, for the fact that it is so modern.

Copenhagen, black diamond library

Copenhagen, dragon’s tower

The little mermaid, Copenhagen

Copenhagen, spiral church

I could tell right away, the Danish love social gatherings, wether it would be the fashion week or the marathon, which took place on that Sunday, and made it almost impossible to move through the city.

When, after the boat trip, one is hungry, it is a good idea to go to one of the restaurants on Nyhaven. They more or less all have the same menu, offering burgers, steaks, fish in all variation from pickled (herings) to grilled. If burgers and fish aren’t for you, you can do as I do: I ordered Avocado salad with  chicken:

Although Sunday isn’t the best day for shopping, I want to give you another eye candy – a little impression from the Louboutin shop in Copenhagen, where I bought the Bibi 140 tartan pump, which I am also wearing in this post.

It was a hard decision between the golden glitter pump and the tartan pump – but Bibi finally won me over. They are too cute, plus I’m somehow a Brit at heart – so they are perfect and will always let me have fond memories of Copenhagen…

I hope you enjoyed this little fabulous getaway from your office desktop, lap top, or perhaps even mobile phone?

I completely fell in love with Copenhagen – what city did you fall in love with this summer? Let me hear about it!

xox, the Flamboyante



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