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Morocco travel, the Flamboyante


Flames, I am beyond excited to present you with the images of my Morocco travel diary. Embarking from a small harbour town called Agadir I was making my way towards the tradition-rich city of Taroudant. With its stunning markets and the mystical seeming Berber inhabitants this place certainly bares real magic. Become witness of how the world famous Argan oil- rich in Vitamin E and known for it’s antioxidant impact in skin care – is being produced by the Berber women – a kind of work that is only reserved for women. And should you never have visited an oasis before, then here is a chance to get a glimpse. Local inhabitants and a little donkey were so kind to take me on a little tour – through a place we don’t get to see everyday.

In January the climate in Morocco is fairly chilly so extensive sun bathing on the beach – as I love to do – wasn’t in it. Should you be traveling to Morocco in winter I definitely advise to bring warm clothes with you. However this place is so magical, that I think a single visit can never pay tribute to what the country has to offer.

As they say image speaks louder than words – please enjoy my Morocco travel diary – hopefully a feast for your senses…

IMG_1637IMG_1659IMG_1646IMG_1684IMG_1673IMG_1675IMG_1681IMG_1685Morocco travel, the FlamboyanteIMG_1806IMG_1752IMG_1778IMG_1765IMG_1829


Have you already visited Morocco, and if so what were your experiences? Or is – after what you have seen now – Morocco maybe on your travel list? Don’t forget to leave a comment here before you go. And don’t forget to follow my Instagram to be up-to-date with future journeys!

xox, the Flamboyante



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