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Orange and brick stone inspiration

If you take a trip, then you’ll experience something…I spent the last weekend in Amsterdam, so luckily I have a new story to tell. It was the weekend when Denmark beat the Netherlands in the EM. Late afternoons were rather relaxed and the streets were comparably empty as most of the people spent it in front of the screen. Regardless of the defeat in soccer people in Amsterdam were jolly and happy and the evenings and nights were lively and vibrant.

But let me start from the beginning…

I stayed at the Exchange hotel, a small boutique hotel near the Central station, which was handy because from there it was easy to get into the diverse districts. My room was nice and cosy, though pricey, because it was a weekend. Each room of this hotel is differently designed and the hotel’s slogan says: The hotel with rooms dressed like models.

Speaking of dressing and model, I was sporting some comfortable sneaker/jeans/scarf combination, giving the look an upgrade by picking Isabel Marant sneakers and scarf. I wanted to be comfy and able to move around but still dress accordingly to who I am (representing myself so to speak).

So what is Amsterdam known for?  – Let me start with the cliché before I get to the deeper core of what I experienced…

It is known for its bicycles, the  beautiful Grachten along the canal and the picturesque brick stone buildings.

Ofcourse Amsterdam is a very touristic place, masses of people are streaming into the city each weekend, coming from every corner of the world. People come for the Dutch beer, the soccer,they come for shopping and enjoying the lavish life and no doubt they come for the coffee shops..

However, it didn’t take me long until I would get an idea of the true Dutch spirit. The Dutch love social gatherings  – wether it ‘d be a hangout with friends or through sports. Religion plays an important role for Dutch people, whereas religious belonging doesn’t seem matter so much or let alone be an issue. I have seen members of different religions happily and peacefully celebrating next to each other in the same ceremony – to me this seems to be extremely progressive. And of course Dutch people are very stylish and fashion conscious – no wonder at all, Amsterdam has some truly fabulous boutiques as well, such as the Maison Rika for example…

I hope you enjoyed the little virtual  getaway to Amsterdam from your office desk, home computer or mobile device – and if you haven’t been to Amsterdam yet, I hope that you could get an idea of what it’s like.

I’ll be back soon with some more inspiration from Amsterdam and a little outfit post. In the meantime keep on dreaming – about city getaways or beach holidays, mountain tours and other expeditions – summer holiday is just around the corner!

xox, the Flamboyante



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