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Vienna fashion week starts with a Peng!

My home town Vienna may be small, but when it comes to partying, down in the clubs, when people are getting drunk and have fun, Vienna becomes as cosmopolitan as any of the big cities. It is the same vibe you’d expect on any of the Vice parties across the world, or the hip guest-list-only parties in Parisian super expensive night clubs. Vienna has it’s fashion week too, it is once a year in September, kicking off on Monday, the 10th this year. The Vienna fashion camp is taking place on this weekend, you could say it kind of is the up beat event to the Vienna fashion week, involving many of the Austrian fashion bloggers, designers and fashion lovers. This weekend fashion was in the air in Vienna and I couldn’t help but hitting up the town, with my camera and my golden Falabella bag. DIESEL  was calling Vienna’s most stylish people to their red room nite event at the red bar, inside Vienna’s Volkstheater. You know it’s a good party when DJ Rodney Hunter is spinning the records. On the second floor Austria’s freshest selectress Flo Real was heating up the crowd –  she’s always stylin’, I love the big statement earrings she is wearing all the time. I met some of the cream of the crop of Vienna’s fashion bloggers and some of my good friends –  it couldn’t get any better. I later hit the mode talking party hosted by Peng! magazine, these are the best outdoor parties in Vienna, so since summer is coming to an end perhaps a good idea. After a sum of five vodka orange drinks at five o’clock in the morning I’m  calling it a day – but I couldn’t help thinking that the party just begun when I left…. DJ Rodney Hunter, DJ FLO REAL, blogger Michele from eaudbedroom, blogger Mike York.

Blogger Kemara Pol from Andy Art Magazine
I like to party – everybody does… xox, the Flamboyante



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