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What a beautiful summer so far, Flames! I have already encountered so many adventures, living summer life to the fullest and therefore may not always had the time to capture everything I have seen. Well sometimes we have to embrace the moment…But how lucky to have had my camera with me at my visit to the Afropfingsten music festival in Winterthur, Suisse – because there was a moment that just meant the world to me and that I will never forget.

I remember how I held my first tape of Patrice’s music in my hand. Perhaps the first tape of his music that ever existed as it was more of a demo really. I must have played it at least a million times and I guess it is alright to say that songs like ‘Queens‘ or ‘Love‘ and ‘Everyday good‘ have inspired me for my entire life – encouraged me to have faith in myself, be the person I strive to be, to listen to my heart and follow the things I

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love, to stay strong and never let anyone talk me out of my dreams…all so important values.

Hm, and this soulful and soothing voice – if you haven’t heard it yet I advice you should. I will never forget listening to this voice while overwieving the river nile from my grandmother’s balcony once on a visit to Egypt. How these beautiful melodies carrying so meaningful words were playing with the mild wind just to disperse into the dusk over a vibrant river – memories to treasure forever. This must have been about sixteen years ago, and I still get the same fascination today when listening to his music, if not even more. And I think in his new album ‘The rising of the son‘ this natural mystic certainly is maintained. Songs like ‘Cry, cry, cry‘, ‘Hippies with guns‘ and ‘Alive‘ may stick to our ears easily but my very personal favourites are ‘Making ways‘ and ‘Songs’ – because once again it is the message that is touching me personally and on a deeper level.

In summer I enjoy myself the most going to festivals and mingling with likely minded, as I am the most inspired when surrounded by music. A visit to a Patrice concert lets my heart jump for joy, that is for certain – as there are so many precious stories connected to his music. I call that magic – and I would really love to know who’s music let’s your heart skip a beat? Patrice Bart WilliamsPatrice Bart Williams Bart Williams, AfropfingstenPatrice Bart WilliamsPatrice Bart Williams, Afropfingsten


Wether it is on the festivals or during the World cup live streams – I hope that you are celebrating every moment this summer! And please don’t forget to follow my Instagram – it is an easier way for me to keep you posted with my adventures and travels – thank you!

Lots of sunshine,

xox, the Flamboyante




  • Kathi June 23, 2014 at 10:38 am

    I really love how you write, its getting more and more professional, of course also the photos are really well done :)
    I was never listening to Patrices music but i think he can be proud having fans like you supporting him and spreading his music out to the world.
    Love and peace :*


  • Anthony June 23, 2014 at 1:59 pm

    Great photos and atmosphere to get an idea of what it was like visually at his concerts. After reading your article I began to think back to experiences that I have had that are not only linked to musical discovery but to some sort of personal development as well. I grew up in a situation that saw me spend many days of immersive self discovery in my fathers spare room that was filled to the brim with records and and old player from way before my time. I had Artists from the Jackson 5, Beatles, Peter Tosh and Ohio Players to Cream, Patsy Cline, Robert Johnson and Fela Kuti. There were other musicians but the most influential to me were George Clinton, with the fantastic artwork so full of detail on the full sized vinyl covers stoking the fresh artist in me to my all time favorite artist who is more a story teller than anything else. It is and was the haunting talents and performances of Nina Simone who I felt a deep connection to. Her and the music as her words always resonated truth through my very bones. She spoke to me and it was her that inspired me to begin my own spoken word as an expressive vehicle. “Pirate Jenny” http://youtu.be/BB__mz4KGC8 , is a great example of her raw un romantic power. “Wild is the wind” http://youtu.be/CiVDzTT4CbE was what I listened to when thinking of my family after moving at age 9 to a new land. Her rendition of “Strange fruit” http://youtu.be/P8Lq_yasEgo was the most interesting and curious to me and so morbid though I did not realize it would all stay with me till this day more than 30 years later. I truly love music and I really appreciate your writing and how you blend what is life for you into your expression as it really speaks to us out there who take music and run with the energy that it brings to our lives for better and for worse.


  • The Fashion Fraction October 19, 2014 at 8:12 am

    Just listened to a few of his songs and immediately became a fan! Great singer!



  • Timothy Rookey December 22, 2014 at 3:18 am

    Yeah, this singer – Patrice – ‘s cool….
    You take great photos – you must come visit me Barbeidos – lots to take pictures of there too ….


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