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Look at all the lovely people: Designer Awards ’12

I know. I’m fashionably late for a new post, I hope you all will be forgiving me. The last two days couldn’t get any more hectic. I remember that two months ago I started out on this blog, in order to avoid getting bored and to live out my passion for fashion. The last two days I found myself secretively wishing I had a personal assistant to help me with my blog and everything that comes with it. I’m not complaining – this is great!

The  Ringstrassen Gallerien designer awards were great too. Although turning up there a bit fashionably late as well (and no I’m not a Diva, my friends will confirm that ) , I turned up just in time to get a photo of the winning design by Austrian young designers Mark und Julia– phew!

Ofcourse I have got a lot more for you. But let me first say one thing: I went to the event with a bit of mixed emotion but I left the event delighted and pleased. Not just because Austrian designers can keep up with all the rest – yes, the fashion show had been quite enjoyable. Here some bits and bobs of what I could capture:

I hope you got a little taste so far? I may not be equipped like a pro or the best photographer in the world…but isn’t the perspective the most interesting thing about photography? It’s said that the camera is the eye of the photographer…and I see lace….

Mmh – lace! Lace in the fashion world is like salt in your kitchen board – it’s a female thing, it doesn’t really work on men (just like salt doesn’t work in your coffee…) Not that I am being restrictive or not open-minded…but lace is instantly turning every woman into a beautiful fragile fashion fairy…. I like the individualism of lace because every material is different, every pattern is different…

But did I go to the event just  to philosophise about fabrics?  No! I was on the look out for the good people, the lovely, the fly, the beautiful and the queer…the extraordinary! (A bit like myself…:))

The beautiful models….

The sweet couples….

The bestest friends….

Of course I have been on the look out for the ‘rich and famous’ – like world-famous DJ’s Rodney Hunter and Richard Dorfmeister (of Kruder & Dorfmeister)…see? I told you, you won’t be missing out on anything here in Vienna…

Well,  I found everything that I could wish for when going to a fashion event here in my home town…not just that. There was this one special person that really made my day and overwhelmed me with his presence. I haven’t seen him in four years. This guy is like an angel, who’d always turn up in my life, when I am a bit weary or down. I am talking about Mike Davis, male model and photographer and yes…magician. Not only did I stumble over him on the event, he even brought a book of his photography work with him, and this book had my photographs inside. I swear this is true , this was a co-incidence, and we really haven’t seen each other for four years! So here is the magical, the mystical (and if I weren’t already taken – a bit irresistible) Mike Davis- with a book of my photos!

Ladies, do you want to see more of this Austrian beau? Let me guide you into the world of Mike Aurel Davis – the one and only …enter here.

Wouldn’t you agree, I looked not only stylish – with my pea cock feather earring which I completely love at the moment – but most importantly, I looked happy…agreed?

Good fashion is one thing. But then again without the good people fashion is nothing!

Agree with that too?

xox, the Flamboyante



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