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It’s been a while, Flames and I am happy to be back! I hope that you all are enjoying summer 2015 to the fullest by now. After a short educational break at SAE music institute I decide to clear my mind at an open air festival in Switzerland. The Lakesplash open air festival truly is one of a kind festival that evolves around the lake of Biel – a small picturesque city inbetween Swiss mountains. It was the good Reggae music that initially brought me to the Lakesplash open air festival, but the lake and its surroundings itself are worth a visit.

Over the past weekend the line up of the festival has allowed me the pleasure of seeing some of my favorite artists in one place. On Saturday I have been truly delighted meeting Clay and the producers of Silly Walks Discotheque again, after already having the honor of doing a very first interview together with the rising singer Clay by the end of last year. Clay took over the stage at Lakesplash as if he had been around for decades now, presenting songs from his second EP already – the Clay-list. I have to say that the talented young man is progressing at the speed of light.

Another artists who had put me – and everyone else around – in an ecstatic mood with his very rhythmic and laid back style of music was Jesse Royal. He is amongst the most influential Jamaican Reggae artists having international hits like ‘Modern day Judas’ and the more recent ‘Feel your pain’ – with some outstanding visuals, under his belt. Not only does he have his very own adept style in music but a very interesting mindset and outlook on the world. I am impatient to present you with an interview that we took after his show in Barcelona earlier this year.

For many visitors the highlight of Lakesplash open air festival was highly coveted singer Protoje. And for me even more exciting, since I saw him for the first time performing live after seen most of his videos and interviews. You may have already heard his massive hit ‘Who knows’ which he released together with Chronixx in 2014 for his recent ‘Ancient future’ album. Supporting act in the show has been Sevana, who will definitely have me coming back for more of her music and incredible voice.

As you would expect it from a Reggae festival the vibe there was relaxed and harmonious, yet there is something unique about this festival in particular. It is a true insiders’ tip you could say. High-spirited as I felt I decided to snap some of the beautiful festival crowd as well – capturing in a festival street style editorial the most flamboyant looks at Lakesplash 2015.

Aren’t these smiles contagious?

Clay and Silly Walks, Lakesplash 2015

Reggae singer Clay and Silly Walks Discotheque

Clay and Silly Walks, Lakesplash 2015The Dubby Conquerers, Lakesplash

The Dubby Conquerers

Twann, SwitzerlandLakesplash 2015IMG_2028IMG_2016Jesse Royal, Lakesplash 2015

Jesse Royal

Jesse Royal, Lakesplash 2015

Protoje, Sevana, Lakesplash 2015IMG_2199

Protoje and Sevana


What are the things that inspire and liberate you this summer? Be so kind to drop me a comment in the comment section below. You can do so with your e-mail address only. And should you have spotted yourself in one of my photos – then leaving a comment becomes obligatory. Don’t be a stranger!

Very many thanks to the organizers of Lakesplash for having this paradise bird,

xox, the Flamboyante


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