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Reggae artist Clay, The Flamboyante
It was only by the end of October 2014 that rising star Reggae singer Clay has blessed the stage and audience with his voice and songs from the ‘1st chapter EP’ for the very first time.
What a great honor to have been there for a very exclusive interview with the amiable singer songwriter, who has Jamaican roots but living in London.
His light-hearted voice transporting positive thoughts and messages of peace has caught my attention already in the beginning of last year. In the meantime the shooting star brought his second video out for a newly released song called ‘Can I have my heart back’ – perfectly timed for spring time feeling.
There is a reason why I love Reggae music, it is the reason that unites all lovers of that musical genre. Reggae music is good for us, Reggae rhythms are soothing and uplifting at the same time.
German Reggae producers Silly Walks see things quite likewise and talk in our ten minute long interview subsequently about the positive effect of Reggae music. The duo has year-long experience in their field having produced tracks for Raggae and Dancehall’s finest artists like Gentleman, Tanya Stephens, Busy Signal and more recent artists like Protoje and Sara Lugo and Chronixx.
There may have been a time where Raggae was mainly reserved for a small community that followed the faith and livity of Rastafari culture. Today there is a whole new army of ‘Reggae soldiers’ out there, relentlessly spreading the message of love and unity. These artists have attracted a large fan base that reaches out way beyond that circle of Rastafari devotees. And looking at the development in Reggae music and culture I think it is safe to say there is lots more to come. While we enjoy what the Raggae future holds for us we should definitely keep an eye on Clay. His music has touched me in a way that I haven’t felt about new music in a long time. But this is a very personal statement. This interview will leave you with some great new addition to your knowledge of good music:

If you enjoyed the music feel free to drop me a comment below.
xox, the Flamboyante


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