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Blog crush: MRS. WANDA

Have you come across  MRS.WANDA’S blog lately? I was so glad I stumbled upon her site here on wordpress.com.

I love reading and writing blogs, I always get excited when I come across a blog, that is full of ideas, creativity, thoughtfulness and just …interesting to read.

This blog is full of awesomeness!

Who is MRS.WANDA?       Mrs. Wanda lives in Florida and is of Haitian origin.

What is her blog about?     Her blog is about a variety of things like her taste in music, fashion updates (straight from Florida;), about political news, social life and what I love so much about it: her cultural background! She is doing a fantastic coverage of all the things happening at the moment in Haiti and for the Haitian communities! This is truly amazing because little do we get to hear and know about this country – MRS. WANDA serves it  kind of all on one plate, or right at your fingertips, so to speak.

Why do you lover her blog?     Because it is beautifully designed, professional looking, it covers a wide range of topics and you’ll quickly find something that will be interesting for  you. Wether it be the latest updates from the music industries covering new pop stars like Rita Oro and also including Haitian artists or interesting news from the fashion world, like Victoria Beckham’s cover for the Chinese Harper’s bazar which really is unique! I really love her ‘facts about Haiti’ section a lot too – when I want to find out more about something I always look it up on Wiki – I love reading on Wiki – this is just more beautifully arranged, an interesting read.

This blog is like a little journal, it is intelligently made with a lot of ideas and a lot of phantasy. I love how Mrs Wanda is not shy to show her Haitian Pride. On the right hand side of the blog are photos of Haitian women covered in a drapeau – the Haitian flags. I had been so lucky to see Haiti once when going on a trip to the Dominican Republic. I guess that is a bit of a rare thing to do. I can say it is true that the Haitian women have some magical beauty. I love traveling and I always feel so blessed when I am able to go to a foreign place!

This all deserved a little admiration – I can definitely learn from Mrs. Wanda, she’s an exemplary blogger. And did I mention I l o v e her style?

a photo from her wedding and from her childhood – which I love, because when I visited in Haiti all the little girls had braids and colourful ribbons like that and it was looking suuuper cute!

Here the photos I loved from her ‘Haitian pride’ section:

…you’ve probably already known her – or for sure now you do! She’s a lovely, lovely and generous person! You can visit here here.

L’union fait la force – together we are strong! What do you think?

xox, the Flamboyante



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