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Who is the boss? You are!

Not so long ago a model, in the fashion industry, would have been nothing without an agency, a designer perhaps too, without having a slot to display his collection on a major fashion week. Parents would tell their children off, if they made it visible that fashion plays an important role in their life. ‘Learn something decent’, they would say.

Thanks to the Internet a lot has changed. I think creative talents shouldn’t be dependent on agencies, publishing houses or their parents. I don’t mean you should work against these ‘forces’, what I in fact mean is that the world wide web can be a platform for your vision, creative outlet and to demonstrate your expertise in your field. When you get feed back, than this will serve as a motivator to pursue what you are doing and to learn and grow and improve your skills.

Guest writer Rachel Brooks has given me some good input by summing up what the opportunities are these days and how you could possibly make an approach to your desired career. Rosy days  ahead!  –  I hope you can take something with you, maybe some encouragement or inspiration.

Captivating Careers in the Fashion Industry:

There are many jobs within the fashion industry, there are some that involve writing and some that involve customer service. There are so many opportunities to become successful within the fashion industry, for example there are specific fashion courses at University and there are loads of apprenticeships now being offered. However, anyone can say they want to be part of the fashion industry, but it is a competitive industry and you will only make it if you make the effort and show you are interested. Here are the top five jobs within the fashion industry.

Fashion Writer

Aspiring fashion journalists usually picture themselves working for the big fashion magazines, such as Vogue. Not everyone can get to this point, so you have to be the best of the best to make it to the top of the fashion writing industry. To set yourself apart from the rest of the aspiring fashion writers, you need to have experience, whether that is apprenticeship experience or just work experience at a newspaper or a fashion magazine. You need to show how interested you are in the topic. You should begin your own fashion blog to show to any future employers. Employers like their staff to be dedicated, so make sure you show them that you are; this is what makes you different from all of those other writers.


This is experiencing fashion first hand. You have the opportunity to try the new fashion range and show it off before anyone has a chance to buy it themselves. Again, experience will help you here. Try a photo shoot and create a portfolio of all of your modelling pictures. If you are dedicated enough and your parent’s see this, then they might pay for modelling classes to teach you the in’s and out’s; this is something great to put on your CV and it will be noticed by future employers. You can still create a blog, even if you are not a fan of writing; you can just post pictures instead. This will be like your online portfolio.

Fashion Designer:

If you are young enough to still be at school, then you will probably know whether your school offers a textiles class. If it does, then you should take that as a subject if you are passionate about becoming a fashion designer. Having this on your CV, will help you; also, work experience will give you a head start. You should be able to find somewhere that offers work experience for fashion. Even if the work experience is not specifically fashion designing, anything fashion related will show that you are interested in that topic.

Retail – sales assistant/consultant

You can begin with retail once you turn 16. Many teenagers find retail and sales assistant jobs in their nearest town centre as soon as they are old enough to work. Even if you decide one day that fashion and retail is not what you want to do with your life, then at least you will have experience and have something to add to your CV. If you do manage to start working at a popular fashion company when you are young, then you might be able to move up within that company the longer you work there. Also, there are many University courses and apprenticeships that teach you about visual merchandising and retail within the fashion industry.

Fashion Photographer:

Some fashion photographers have the opportunity to take pictures of celebrities and submit these pictures to magazines that want to write about them. You do not have to be able to write, you can just be a photographer. You may be sent out on jobs to find pictures for articles. Once you have reached the highest level, you might be able to travel to different countries to attend fashion events and take pictures to submit. This is another work experience opportunity; there are many photography places around; they do not have to be huge photography companies in the UK, they can be little companies. Any experience helps. A blog would also be a good idea for photography, add your images to your blog to create your online portfolio.

Nowadays, industries are competitive because there are so many people and not enough jobs to go around; this is why you need to make yourself stand out from the rest of the aspiring fashion writers, designers or photographers. If you make the effort, then your hard work will pay off eventually. The key to being successful in whatever you want to do is not to give up and make the effort, even when it becomes difficult.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Rachel enjoys photography, especially for fashion purposes. She also loves to write about anything related to fashion.

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Alongside this helpful information, I thought I’d give you a little preview for my next fabulous fall fashion post. (In the product links you will find similar styles.)

I’m wishing you a splendid week ahead, most awesome fashionistas!

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