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What we’ll be wearing next summer: TOPSHOP Unique at London Fashion Week SS13

Before my little getaway to the French Riviera I visited London for two days during Fashion Week time. I felt bad not having blogged from London Fashion Week right away to give you the latest news on time. It really looks like I will have to invest in a new Macbook, to be able to properly work on material from abroad. And, mind me, I had such a wonderful time in Nice and Monaco, it wasn’t too hard not to work for a while.

When it comes  to fashion trends, TOPSHOP is amongst those retailers, who always are a step ahead. Since TOPSHOP is a company who is setting the trends and making them accessible for millions of women worldwide, it wouldn’t be exaggerated to say it is one of the most powerful fashion brands in the world. So when we are looking for trends for the next year’s Spring/Summer season, it would probably be a good idea to take a look at TOPSHOP’S collections – not just during Fashion week time, but throughout the whole year:

All photos by: the Flamboyante

You can watch the whole show on video here.

Cool –  classic – chic is what is awaiting us for the next year – I personally am very much looking forward to it. Once again I am seeing soft and floating materials combined with down to earth fabrics on the SS13 runways. I am very much loving the fact that I am spotting a shoe here, which reminds me very much of the Louboutin bis-un- bout –  the PVC pump with white cap, which can be seen in some of the pictures. I also love the new voluminous tailoring, which I think is very feminine yet with a masculine twist, slightly reminding me of nineties silhouettes – without being too extreme. The pieces I am tempted the most to buy are the amazing coats, as well as the semi sheer dresses.

Of course I can’t wait to hear which outfits your favourites are. What do you think about my debut as Fashion show photographer? To me it has been a whole new experience, photographing from the pit with all the other professional photographers. One photographer has been so kind to lend me his camera box to stand on, which made taking photos much easier. I really enjoyed doing some ‘serious’ work and would love to do more of that. Sitting front row is certainly fun either, I’d say a little bit of everything is desirable for me, as a blogger and fashion lover.

Ok, let me have your thoughts,

xox, the Flamboyante



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