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We’ve built a palace so you can shop

This is not a fairy tale, it’s actually true. Vienna has built a temporary palace inside of the museum of applied arts – the MAK. This boutique style expo is called Modepalast – the fashion palace. In the last three days one could shop, browse and marvel at the work of about 90 designers, most of them national or based in Austria. To me that’s good news, because three months ago I embarked on a journey, where I was going to find out more about the fashion of my country, the sense of fashion and the people involved in it.

This time I was able to look at a bigger picture, all the labels of Austria were together in one spot. Some of the designers I knew from long time ago and some were completely new to me.

That was my question answered, now let me answer some of your questions:

Has the clothing been nice, interesting, stylish? Did I see must haves, wants, arm candy? Is this a place to spend and get fabulous fashion in return? Considering the eclectic choice of clothing for children, women and men, jewellery, accessories, shoes, home deco – well all kind of unique or hand-crafted things – considering all of this: yes, yes, yes!

I’m sure you’ve seen one or the other thing you fancy…

Some of the designers were:

Ayo van Elmar

Ivan Asen 22


La femme Mimi

Tata Christiane

Ivan Jankovic



A shop I really loved was:

Bee Zee Eco Kid  – I stopped there because they did the cutest toys and clothing for babies and toddlers. The two girls at the stand were extraordinarily charming. The materials of the clothing line are not only eco friendly but the small company also pays attention to sustainability as they support an African fair trade community. I’m immediately taken….

No wonder at all the label won the best green designer 2012 award of Modepalast Vienna.

Also no doubt, the Modepalast is a place where fashion meets art. You’ll find yourself thoroughly pampered and catered for and it is a wonderful platform to socialize.

I know this has been a long round tour and I hope you’ve enjoyed it so far. You may even now think that Austria has some cool and genuine designers. Last but not least let me show you whom I met on the event.

Ayo van Elmar, who’s fashion she herself describes as contemporary afrocentric chic. I loved the vibrancy of her clothes, plus I absolutely love all sorts of ethnic fashion, I absolutely adore African fashion.

I’ve heard of this name earlier but to my surprise the designer has been someone I knew from my past modelling time. I couldn’t help saying it, but I felt so proud of  her being such talented designer and createing such a beautiful collection – it’s just so nice.

And I meet the best of Austrian fashion bloggers – of course there is more – but more of that later.

It kind of was an exciting moment. Just imagine: you start out on something and suddenly find yourself in the middle of that something. There was Anna Heuberger of H. Anna, who is a fashion and beauty savvy blogger and a theory of drama (almost- finished) student, writing in German. There also was Teresa Hammerl of Colazione a Roma, who’s a blogger for fashion, loves all things Italian and is a free-lance journalist and fashion reporter. I really thought her outfit was special – so well put together – reflecting her personality:

                                                 Anna Heuberger of H. Anna

Teresa Hammerl of Colazione a Roma

One or the other might hopefully now know more about my home country Austria, about the fashion scene, the designers, the bloggers…I’m calling it a day – for today. But before I leave, let me suggest you put the dates for next year’s Modepalast 2013 on your calendar. If you love, breathe and need  fashion then it  will be a great excuse for a trip to Vienna.

Let me know what you are thinking about Austrian fashion – has it been a new terrain for you?. And hopefully see you there next time!

xox, the Flamboyante



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