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The Flamboyante wearing the Kooples


photo credit: Dominik Izaquiel Tome 

On a lazy Sunday like this three things inspire me: music, photography and fashion. Whenever I am indecisive about what to wear, I opt for some of my favorite pieces by trendy French label the Kooples. They have mastered the art of bringing some extravaganza into laid back urban chic. To me the perfect combination – and whether bag or boots – the Kooples became consistent companion in my wardrobe. I have been wearing The Kooples earlier this year – here and here and also in this interview.

The campaigns of the coveted labels are just as impressive. The designing brother trio are regularly using real life couples for their campaigns to underline their concept. What else do they have in store for you? They are promoting music as well – of course…. As I am styling my favorite pieces of the moment photographer Dominik Izaquiel Tome, who has a great eye for detail,  has been so kind to capture this lazy Sunday afternoon mood.

The FlamboyanteThe FlamboyanteThe FlamboyanteVbO6GtLfNMGIeChmhq2opLUE1-jCpBg3B-1Yoc35kkAThe Flamboyante aka Nadine SalemThe Flamboyante MG_7458The Flamboyante


Shop the Kooples:


Are you already a the Kooples fan, Flames or was it the first time you came across the label? Let me hear in the comment section…


xox, the Flamboyante



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