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Snake screaming mint

When you want to be a street style blogger, you more or less depend on weather, since street style is mostly photographed outside, on the streets.

The weather in Vienna has been beyond awkward in the past two weeks. Last week we had chilly temperatures, that would normally belong to winter. This week it had been rainy on and off, making it really hard for me, to continue my work and passion as a personal style blogger. Today we’d at least have a cosy 26 degrees, but every other hour we had rain showers and it’s been so muggy that everyone around me was complaining about head ache and migraine. Luckily I was spared from head ache and I really had an urge to be creative again today. So we shot this outfit regardless of the weather, just around the corner from where I live.

So I may not have a great story to tell you, as I may have in other posts. But I think this outfit speaks for itself and it was something I had in mind for a longer time already. It just lingered around in my mind and I said to myself, today is the day I am going to make this work. I always thought that snake prints would be gorgeous teamed up with mint pastels.

I teamed a snake print leggings with a mint coloured blouse that has pearl embroidery on the collar and the shoulder line. Underneath I was wearing a mint vest to get the length I need when wearing a legging – I completely dislike the combination of leggings with a short tee, I think this is something one could sport at home but not when going outside. The faux snake-skin boots made my outfit complete.

Accessory – wise I picked my beloved Jimmy Choo clutch, you may have seen in many of my outfit posts. Not that I only have one clutch, but this one here is not only my favourite but just works with almost anything. I chose a spiked bangle to echo the pearls on my blouse. The turquoise bracelet is a Versace I once snapped up in sale. When I had it at home, I first wasn’t sure what to do with it and if it was something I would wear a lot. Today was a premiere and I really fell in love with it so perhaps you will see me wearing it again and again. I also tried a glitter nail varnish for the first time ever and I think it is pretty cool, I love it! I brought my Murrano glass earrings and god knows where I got them, but I think I once purchased them in London many years ago.

I really tried to be creative with my outfit today and my idea of a snake and mint fusion.

Therefore I hope that this will inspire you – I think most of us will have similar pieces in the wardrobe. So do let me know if you are going to do the snake and mint thing anytime soon, I am excited to hear your  fashion stories!

xox, the Flamboyante



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