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I spent the kick-off to Easter holiday in breathtakingly beautiful Rome. A city that is so stunning that it is easy to sparkle in such simple dress as my monochrome dress by Benetton, accessorizing with shoes and clutch by Zara. Keeping my make up and styling just as simple yet dazzling, I think I managed to show once more that great style doesn’t always have to be expensive.

I must have been visiting Rome at least five times in the past, yet each time I do so feels completely different and new. A visit to Rome without a visit to the Colosseum is like a cupcake without the topping. How beautiful imagining what happened in between these walls about 2000 years ago. Enjoy the result of a chic and classic outfit morphing with this incredible antique location:

The FlamboyanteTje FlamboyanteThe Flamboyante

Colloseum, RomeThe Flamboyante The FlamboyanteColloseum , RomeThe FlamboyanteColosseum, RomeThe Flamboyante

Will Monochromes find their way into your wardrobe too, Flames?

xox, the Flamboyante



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