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One of the presentations that I enjoyed the most during London Collections: Men was the pop-up store Seven Dials to showcase original, modern stylish  emerging men’s wear talent. It was not once that I have heard a male fellow fashion blogger or friend saying that they could possibly browse a more neutral women’s wear selection (like for example knit wear ) to update a stylish wardrobe. I sometimes see things – like accessories – that I like very much, that actually belong to men’s.

What I am saying is, that theses days boundaries blurr – and with the adorable  prints and applications found on these jackets and coats, with delightfully handcrafted hats, bow ties and above it all tech accessories like the the teddy bear inlay work iPad sleeve – with all of that  – aren’t you glad they finally do?

IMG_0174IMG_0173IMG_0166IMG_0168IMG_0156IMG_0164IMG_0177IMG_0178 IMG_0180IMG_0155

Some of the designers include: Alex Mattsson, Astrid Andersen, Jae Wan Park, Omar Kashoura, Matthew Miller, Bobby Abley, Martine Rose

If your boyfriend or partner came along so stylish -ly – wouldn’t you just love to borrow or steal from him ;)?

xox, the Flamboyante




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