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The results are in. In one of my last posts: No great expectations I gave vent to my displeasure about being rejected at a job interview. I also mentioned that being fashionable doesn’t necessarily have to be equivalent with having a big purse and lots of money to spend. When you make statements you get reactions, and I did get reactions to my post, very luckily I must say. My best girl Katy pointed out that she got valuable information now knowing that being fashionable doesn’t mean you have to wear the very latest and that there are ultra stylish outlets that allow you to wear designer labels at the fraction of the original retail price.

I still felt that I haven’t outlined enough my handling of fashion and my personal shopping preferences and that may in fact have been some useful and helpful advice. I hope that in my post I haven’t come across sharp or bitter but I really thought that rejection at a job interview is something that has happened to many of us already and I was hoping that the bottom line, that this isn’t something that should stop you from following your passion, had been clear and visible.

Well, it is never too late to do good or better and I decided to give you a true insight about how I am dealing with the subjects fashion, shopping, and spending habits.

The advantage of buying labels:

The problem that I am facing with the more short living fashion from big chains like Zara, Mango, H&M – you name it – is that this fashion very often is ‘disposable’. The quality in comparison to designer pieces is very often rather low and after you’ve washed an item of clothing it may not look the same at all like when you bought it. When you buy a designer you pay for the name as well without a doubt, but you also pay for quality and longevity. Many of us when shopping at a larger fashion chain will buy a couple of things that on their own are affordable but sum up. Why not skip the next shopping spree and buy one beautiful designer piece for the same amount of money. The key is to have some strong power pieces, that reflect your sense of fashion and creating the look of your dreams with the help of more affordable pieces from ‘mainstream labels’. These power pieces can over last years in your wardrobe.

My favourite outlet source on the Internet is the Outnet, which is the online outlet of Net-A-Porter. For more affordable styles I love browsing and shopping at Asos and Topshop.

I think it is not wrong to say that when you buy designer, that you are buying something that has resale value – which leads to my next point:

Buy and sell on E-bay:

I love the idea of fashion being something that is exchangeable and kind of ‘mobile’. Some things you may literally want to treasure forever, but be honest, a lot of things that are already gathering dust in the corner of your closet, are doing it because you lost interest. I don’t blame you because as time passes, your sense of fashion changes. I am always surprised how some things I tried to sell unsuccessfully plenty of times before would suddenly sell at a way higher price than I expected. It means  someone has found something he liked or needed, and that selling the item has only been a question of time. Maybe someone else has something that you like and always wanted to have – maybe you will find the designer handbag you’ve always dreamed of on E-bay – for a fraction of the original price. I’ve seen Chanel bags selling on E-bay for ‘as little’ as five hundred Euros – that is a lot of money, yes, but if you ever had laid your eyes on a Chanel bag and know what they cost, then five hundred is little. Don’t be afraid to make a fashion investment. Maybe you think that spending a monstrous amount of money will leave you ‘bankrupt’ for a long time. If a certain designer bag for example is making your heart beat faster and what will make you happy in the end of the day, go for it. If times really get tough you can always sell it, because remember: designer wear and accessories have resale value!

Create wish lists when shopping online:

I think shopping online gives many advantages and one being is that many online shops let you create wish lists.

Yesterday, when shopping for groceries at the local supermarket, I was amazed how much time I spent in front of the shelf with noodles. I mean there is all sorts of pasta: whole grain and white, spiral shaped, elbow pasta, spaghetti, tricolor, spinach, black,… the choice is eclectic and overwhelming.

The same is with fashion – there are so many trends, styles, colours and choices one can get easily confused. When you create wish lists with items you love and consider buying, it lets you compare your style choices across the variety of sites and gives you longer time to evaluate if you really want to have the items. It is also a good idea to wait until the times of sale and see which of your preferred items still are available and if the price has dropped. Ofcourse, sometimes we have some special occasion coming up where we need a fresh and stylish dress urgently. The beauty of shopping online is that you have all the time you need to make your decisions and to contemplate how you will combine with what you already have.

Swap with your bestie:

It seems that when I was a teenager  I used to do that way more often, but isn’t that a magnificent thing to do? When you lack of new ideas of combining and stylings or are exhausted of what your wardrobe offers you, why not look at your best female friend’s one? Maybe you have something that she would love to have and vice versa. And since you already are so lucky to have a fashion savvy best friend – why not go to flea markets or vintage stores together? Another option of staying fashionably fabulous without breaking the bank.

With all that – hopefully – helpful advice I’m sure that we are looking into a bright fashion future together.

xox, the Flamboyante



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