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Or how to get on a picture with one of your biggest blog crushes ever? Flames, you are absolutely right this is the very talented Sandra Hagelstam of 5inch and up next to me. It was in September at London Fashion Week, that I saw her for the first time, alongside five other sought after personal style bloggers. Just recently I discussed ‘remote’ reporting about fashion events – which means taking information and material that already exists and was accumulated by someone else – versus live reporting, with a fellow fashion blogger. Of course, going to the events takes a few things – it takes free time first of all and without a doubt it takes money for flight tickets, hotels, entrance fees – depending on where you want to go.Without a doubt we cannot be in every corner of the world at once and we don’t have money to burn. But I definitely advise that as a fashion blogger you should go to the events you love and that you are interested in – whether it is a show room of an emerging designer in your own home town or the Fashion Weeks- and who knows, maybe you will find yourself standing next to one of the industry professionals you love and look up too. In fact I was so excited to see Sandra, when stepping out the Hospital Club (main venue of the LCM), that I started stuttering in German language, leaving her a bit puzzled – but I basically just expressed what great blogger I think she is – with her unique, authentic sense of style she always keeps me coming back to her blog. She also took a lovely photo of me in this Marc by Marc Jacobs velvet suit, which can be admired on her street style photography blog the Neighbour Hood Watch (and which of course makes me a little proud;)).

The bottom line is that if you aspire to meet people from the industry but also if you want to offer readers something more original, it is important to get around. I started by going to local events and shops in Vienna. Once you find yourself on a high profile event such as the Fashion Weeks it is always good to get around with friends – especially if they are local, because they will help you with getting to locations quick – even better if they are fellow bloggers or from the fashion business, they know the lingo, the people and how to get to those coveted shows. It was only thanks to these people in the following pictures, that I have seen more shows, than I initially had invites for – which is in fact the reason why almost two weeks after the London Collections: Men are actually over, I am still here posting about it. I should really hide underneath my desktop in shame, but I am baring the wise words of Leroy Dawkins of Diary of a Clothes Horse in mind, who revealed that he is on the tablet in between the shows just posting all the material he gathered, to have it live instantly – and telling myself the next time I’ll be quicker. The next time in fact will be the Copenhagen Fashion Week in less than a week from now.

To get back to my friends: I thought they deserve a little recognition, because it was only thanks to them too, that I was laughing all the way to the shows, having a blast and not even minding the cold, when queuing for what felt like an hour outside the show venues.

LCM (from left to right) Prince Cassius of Jambo, Leroy Dawkins of Diary of a Clothes Horse and JonasLCMPhilipp Ueberfellner – Make Up Artist and Stephen Maloney

There are other things you will need on high profile events and they are vital! I am talking about your tech gadgets and preferably a good DSLR camera. To always have a fully charged mobile phone with you will be the most important, in case you lose sight of someone – which happened to me in September. My phone was empty and so I got really stuck, not knowing where to go next. Luckily in the press section of the Hospital Club chargers were provided in lockers and you could charge them while having a drink, chat or planning your route. That is why I believe that it is advisable having an iPad (or any other tablet) with you – to check out schedules and routes and also to send RSVP e-mails for parties at night time. Of course this can be done on your mobile phone as well, but I find it quite annoying fiddling around on such small screen. I brought my tablet, which I just bought in September for this purpose. I used to have a Louis Vuitton iPad sleeve (carrying it here) – but finally sold it on E-Bay. Not that I don’t love LV – but reason being is that I have got gifted a SNUG i-Pad case (rumours has it that Justin Timberlake is a fan of those too!), which is way handier: you can access all the relevant buttons like On/Off and volume without having to take the pad out of the case and there is also a whole for the camera, so you can really just leave the pad in there. With the Louis Vuitton sleeve I’d always have to take it out, whether I wanted to browse, write or take a picture. Of Course it was ultra-stylish but when I bought it I initially wanted to get the Damier pattern, which looks like a chess board, so I could play chess on it when travelling :) -but unfortunately the sleeves only came in Monogram. With my SNUG iPad4 case in distressed brown leather I mustn’t fear having any styling issues as it is a very elegant and versatile colour – however if you are more of a fan of lively colour these cases basically come in any colour you would wish for, go check them out: thesnugg.com.

Snug iPad case

gadgetsWith all that advice and hopefully inspiration – are you ready to conquer the world of fashion, Flames?

See you at the Copenhagen Fashion Week,

xox, the Flamboyante




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