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Home is where the heart-shaped clutch is….

Today I felt this flaming desire to go on a journey. I chose the most exotic place for me to explore: home.

Who are the faces and names that I’ll have to link to fashion, what do their creations look like and who are the wonderful people wearing true Austrian design?

When I stepped into  showroom|project today I stepped into a whole new world…

There was everything the heart of a true Austrian fashionista could wish for…

Zigi told me the designers were Marcel Ostertag, Elfenkleid, Callisti and Elke Freytag, just to name a few. She showed me this wonderful heart-shaped clutch. Does it make your heart sing?

And then these Austrian maiden showed me what they’d crave for. Remember: fashion is philosophy. The art of oneself….

But it was time to go….

Zigi told me about this vintage flea market. I had a new destination….

…so I traveled through time…

I hope I inspired you today.

Now it is time for you to go. Staying at home is not an option – there is a whole new different home out there waiting for you to explore it…

xox, the Flamboyante



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