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I hope your New Year’s Eve 2013 has been as fantastic, delightful and beautiful as mine and that you enjoyed yours to the fullest!

Are you familiar with the custom of lead-pouring [New Year's Eve custom of telling fortunes by the shapes made by molten lead dropped into cold water] at New Year’s Eve? For me it has been a tradition ever since my childhood and this is being practiced here in Austria to get a peek into what the New Year holds for you.

I was being asked how I’d spend my NYE. There were a couple of friends around at my flat and we decided to document this year’s lead-pouring at my home:

First I chose a luck charm shaped piece of lead, which will molt over the fire of a candle:

The piece has melted and…

now it’s time to quickly drop it into a bowl of cold water

Voila, the fortune-telling piece has formed

We are trying to analyse the piece and are baffled

This ‘pinky ring’ is an amazing side product and I think it stands for a very stylish 2013 😉

And now for you to peruse the piece and draw your own conclusions

In this post:
Isabel Marant Star light glass crystal ring (now on SALE)
Deborah Lippman Ray of light 3D nail varnish

After a serious and profound analysis the wise men at my place and myself could get results for how to interpret what Fortuna has planned for me in 2013.  Google has shown the following results: In 2013 I will find my pearl!

Of course it leaves vast room for interpretation – but I have one or two intuitive ideas what this could mean: In October I dreamt of a trip to Antwerp and maybe even get my hand on a little diamond since Antwerp is the diamond domicile of Europe. This trip, like the Paris trip planned in December did not take place. I love traveling and hope to be able to be doing more of that in 2013 – that would be a true pearl to me! But maybe it means I shouldn’t be chasing diamonds (can you blame a girl?) as I will be finding pearls (maybe even real ones) in the next year and understand that sometimes we must give up chasing after certain things in order to receive other things that were ment for us.

Do you know the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy? Of course you do –  Captain Jack Sparrow’s pearl in the film is his ship the Black Pearl and he is in constant search for it or defense of it. I love the films to pieces as I have severe affinity for the Caribbean and just love pirate stories!

I hope you enjoyed this little psychic reading. What has your fortune-teller predicted for you in 2013?

xox, the Flamboyante



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