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Perfect front row reality: visitors are watching, chatting, taking pictures. Ever wondered what they chat about or what it is really like to visit a Fashion Week?

Everyone involved in an event like the Fashion Week, will have their own stories to tell. I could write reviews about each single show that I have seen or photographed , but renowned fashion magazines have already done a way better job than I could ever do. What I can do for you is giving you the inside scoop and share a reality I  personally  have experienced.

I got to see plenty of shows in Copenhagen and therefor a good insight into what will be trending this year and a deeper understanding for the work of the designers. Highlights were the Vivienne Westwood show, which can be seen here, the fantasy and luxury fueled show of Anne Sofie Madsen and the furious, edgy and sporty collection by Asger Juel Larsen – think Ed Hardy getting a massive upgrade in good taste and class:

Asger Juel Larsen, Copenhagen Fashion Week A/W13

Asger Juel Larsen, Copenhagen Fashion Week A/W13

Anne Sofie Madsen - Copenhagen FW A/W13

Anne Sofie Madsen – Copenhagen Fashion Week A/W13

I felt quite bad having only photographed two of the shows during London Fashion Week, when the amazing team of Popp PR has granted me access to many of the London Fashion Scout shows, of which I shall share more with you later. For the first time I felt that I need to absorb all the happenings and watch and learn and that is hard to do when you try to capture everything with your camera – it’s either one or the other thing that one can do.

I did take this opportunity to do something utmost important: networking – and I was delighted to met plenty of the bloggers and industry professionals I have met at the London Collections before including Stephen Maloney from the Blitz Club, Leroy Dawkins of Diary of a Clothes Horse, Make up artist Philipp Ueberfellner and Prince Cassius of Jambo.

Without a doubt shows like Burberry, Preen, Moschino or Mulberry are those that will make a true fashionista’s heart leap for joy, this time this is how far I could go. The show of Pam Hogg has left me two things: with it’s beautiful artistic ballet interludes: entertained and inspired and – with it’s unmissable reference to SM and nudity – baffled. After a little research it immediately occurred to me that this isn’t new when it comes to Pam Hogg’s fashion shows – yet new to me and unexpected, having known only very little about this world, only having an association with style icons like Lady Gaga or Rihanna.


Pam Hogg at London Fashion Scout A/W13

Pam Hogg at London Fashion Scout A/W13

Runway collective London Fashion Scout

Runway Collective London Fashion Scout

Of course Rihanna’s designer debut in collaboration with high-street fashion label River Island has been in everyone’s mouth.

Fashion Weeks are also famous for dazzling, celebrity-fueled after show parties – I enjoyed myself at the Playboy Club in London, bumping into British singer and model Jamelia and VV Brown who beautifully performed live at the club – and at Riri’s aftershow party, where I met the lovely Sandra Hagelstam of Five Inch and Up again, who appearently got kissed on the cheek by male super star model Tyson Beckford and therefor had been all delirious in a very cute way (I would too! ) – another magic moment I am happy to have witnessed and that made my whole experience special, unique and well worth the long travel and efforts. Not to forget the smashing Wood Wood aftershow party in Copenhagen, where I was rubbing shoulders with Danish pop star Aura Dione, a lovely down to earth girl who would mingle with us after sitting front row at the show.

At London's Playboy Club with British singers VV Brown and Jamelia, Rihanna for River Island after show party, Wood Wood after show party with Danish pop singer Aura Dione

(Top) At London’s Playboy Club with British singers VV Brown and Jamelia, (middle) at Rihanna for River Island after show party, (right) Wood Wood after show party with Danish pop singer Aura Dione

My final conclusion about all the experience I made? I think it’s okay to get my hands dirty – and that this may be an indication that I am on a good way to be the fashion journalist and blogger I strive to be. I don’t think anyone has started off front row at Chanel’s – :) – and like that I hope to have given you some interesting and maybe useful insight into the world of fashion and what it is that I love doing.

Are you doing what you love to do, Flames? Let me hear about it!

xox, the Flamboyante





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