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Delightful de-formation

Here I am again telling you that putting on something that will make you feel beautiful, elegant or just simply adorable can boost your mood – no matter what the weather. Today it has been rainy and cold in Vienna, not quite right for this time of the year. Yet I told myself, I need to go out, be creative, do something, that maybe I could share with you. So I headed to the Museumsquartier – the museum’s quarter which is a great hang out – anytime of the year.

I was wearing a camel biker jacket, extreme wide leg pants, a contrast collar shirt – which I advise you to make a wardrobe staple – they are so much more versatile than the regular shirt and will add zing to any bottom piece you are wearing. Since I always like a little bit of a Rock’n’Roll twist I teamed up with peep toe booties and oversized jewellery.

The Museumsquartier is a great place to be, it offers anything from art exhibitions to bars and restaurants to little shops, with extraordinary, mostly handcrafted goods – all on this one big complex, where loads of people will hang out in summer for social gathering. But before I could enter for the fun bit I found myself turning into a piece of art myself…did I mention it was windy?

Uuh, that was chilly. But now enough of the talking – let’s go inside and have a look at the shops. From postcards, to books, to clothes, to quirky little accessories for your home- I’m sure we’ll find a little something that will cheer us up! – Oh my those boxes: Ma boîte à rêves, la boîte à buiscuits, my happy box…which one is your fave?

I treat myself to a post card and move on to the book store. Bad weather is perfect for reading and I really need to update my library. If you are looking for exquisite and rare books around fashion, art and photography you must come to the MQ – the Museumsquartier in Vienna!

This last photo of mine reminded me of the quote: I don’t read, I only look at pictures. Sometimes it is okay to do that – we get a lot of information from pictures, images, art. We certainly get inspiration for new thoughts and ways.

Another thing I’m sure of – we had  fun at the MQ.  See you there in summer, I’m looking forward to it!

xox, the Flamboyante



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