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chick flick chic

Good news – I have got something brand new for you! The chick flick chic – say it: chick  – flick – chiiiique. What’s that?  I hear you ask. It’s the chic you rock, when your out on town with friends for a fun cinema afternoon show. The things that feel comfy but stylish, reflect your personality and something that will get you and the girls chatting about fashion.

I brought my favourite pieces from my wardrobe: A long linen maxi skirt, this lovely cotton blouse with paisley print, my goes-with-everything faux leather jacket by HM, and…

that’s right – cowboy boots! I never thought I’d own a pair of Cowboy boots – I never really liked them. But when I saw these I was taken right away. I saved up for  months to make them mine. I mean isn’t that floral embroidery  just awesome? Best boots for summer…

The awesome jewellery that all my friends marveled at is from We Bandits. Remember    not so long ago I went to their store opening? They are based in Theobaldgasse 14 in the sixth district of Vienna. It didn’t take me too long to come back there – I’m in love with their jewellery! And I have some more good news for you. Those quirky and unique designed pieces start from 18 Euros, the most expensive being around 50 Euros. So, yes, every piece is unique and it’s easy to find one or the other that suits your personality most.

I for example love taking pictures, this little camera is perfect for that. It even opens in the back, so some could perhaps insert a tiny little 0,001 nanometer film? I love how this castle ring looks like it’s a ring with spikes at first sight. When you look at it closer you get to see it’s a pretty little castle. Certainly will make you feel like you’re the queen of your castle! The long ring made for two fingers is a little branch with four little birds sitting on it. Immediately the song ‘Every little thing is gonna be alright’ comes to my mind. I can tell you this ring surely makes me feel alright, as it is absolutely a cool girl’s accessory. Next to it I am wearing a little sea-horse ring and a beautiful shell ring on the other hand.

From all the admiring and taking photos we are almost forgetting time. The show is about to begin and so we  are heading to the cinema. But before we are heading to the lobby to get ourselves a treat. Popcorn anyone?

When I take off my jacket my friends get to take a last and closer glance at my necklaces. What’s the big one? I am being asked. It’s a carousel – since the girls are out to play   – perfect! And what place is better  for fooling around like children than cinema?

how to make a gif

And you? What movie will you be watching soon with your girl friends?

xox, the Flamboyante



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