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Blockin’ it cheap and chic

I have a plan to boost my health and well being this spring, so today I head off to the Naschmarkt. It’s a huge food market offering a variety of international food products, vegetables and fruits, flowers, clothes and all sorts of things.

The plan is to eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetable and to drink plenty of water. I brought a large straw bag with me and a dress I got a couple of months ago, when it was still freezing here in Vienna. I was very much looking forward to the day I could wear it. Today it had finally be a bit summery. This dress is just right for going to the markets, it is comfortable and stylish. The Naschmarkt has a lot of eateries and hang out places as well, it is always crowded with all different kind of people from young to old and tourists as well, they go there to eat and drink, have fun and socialize.

I was on the look out for some nice fruits and other interesting or exotic food treasures.

Dou you know what these are? I actually never ate them. The Naschmarkt is well-known for  Turkish products like bread, olives, goats cheese. Of course you’d find all sorts of meat and fish, which scares me a bit to look at, so I pass quickly at these stands. Then there are all types of restaurants, plenty of Asian cuisine ranging from Korean to Vietnamese to Japanese, of course Austrian restaurants and sort of pubs – we call them Beisl, you’d find Lebanese cuisine and a few cool cafes to meet the lovely and hip folks.

I feel good in this place and fabulous in my dress, which has been amazingly inexpensive. It’s okay, even advisable when you buy something that is more a trend. I’d rather invest in something timeless – and in summer spend my money on eating well and out and spending quality time. A key to a good looks and vibrancy is feeling good – about yourself and life, there are so many nice things to explore and appreciate.

I found myself some nice fruits but now I am on the look out for something more exotic to fill my kitchen cupboard.

I am really getting tired and need a little rest. Luckily the Naschmarkt is nearby the city center. The plan is to relax, drink a little coffe and then maybe do a little window shopping to get some style inspiration for new outfits. It’s quite handy to do that when shops are already closed – there is no temptation.

The over dimensional wafer buiscuits are typical Austrian, the so called Mannerschnitten– perhaps they are world famous.

On my way home I stumble over the most exciting thing of the day. Is it fate or co-incidence? Well it must be some kind of magic…

This dress! This is what I saw when I walked past the Akris store,it was an incredible co-incidence. This surely  is an amazing dress. As you can see the concept of dress is similar to mine if not the same. Ofcourse the tailoring is different, although it was tucked in the back.When it comes to design and quality this dress is uncomparable to mine, no question. It is made of rich and heavy silk and has an incredibly creative and adorable graphic print- on the ‘top’ of the yellow block  little men are seated, enjoying their point of view.

Do you want to know the price tag? Remain seated – the dress costs 1,700 Euros. I couldn’t spend that ammount of money on a dress – never saying never – but if I had that much at hand I would rather spend some time on a sunny beach somewhere in the pacific or south pacific. Oh well…hopefully soon. Well my dress had cost less than two percent of the other dresses price – you do the maths. So one more time: my dress next to the other dress:

I can say this with all my confidence, I still felt like a million dollars – because I had a beautiful day! It’s certainly an art to channel a certain look, not so much a question of money.

xox, the Flamboyante

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