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I am actually pretty excited posting the Baum und Pferdgarten show from Copenhagen, because it was one of my favourite shows I saw live during this year’s Fall/Winter runway season.

I wouldn’t even know where to start when listing what I like about this collection – but let me start with the sophisticated use of bold colour – like royal blue or a powerful green as seen in the leopard ensemble. I think Danish designers are known to master the tightrope walk of creating something that will be worn by the more conservative and classic folks as well as those looking for a fashionable kick.

Back to Baum and Pferdgarten – I love that preppy, girly, classy, sexy feeling of this collection and use of trends carefully yet visibly. I personally would wear everything the designers have created that is patterned in this collection – from the retro print silk overall in pink and orange tones to the absolute adorable quilted camouflage two-piece. I am also certainly not the only one lusting over bomber jackets this season – I love the ladylike combination with the skirt. This whole collection to me looks utterly wearable and versatile.

I did regularily see whats coming in new by the designers on ASOS. So far I don’t have a piece of this label in my closet, but after I have seen the show and especially the camouflage two-piece, it might as well change some time soon. Camouflage is definitely a trend I want to be looking into soon, I really love the modern approach we see on the runways and on street style images.

Enjoy the show!

IMG_1246 IMG_1286 IMG_1295 IMG_1324 IMG_1306 IMG_1253 IMG_1309 IMG_1349 IMG_1327IMG_1308IMG_1377Shop Baum und Pferdgarten on ASOS

I really hope you have enjoyed this show and that it has given you a few ideas in terms of what will be trending. And of course I cannot wait to hear which your favourite pieces are!

xox, the Flamboyante



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