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A fling with spring

Today it had almost a 30 degree outside and everything bloomed – the flowers in Vienna’s most amazing parks, the people and my love for fashion and my home town. I felt like bursting with inspiration and creativity – luckily I had my good friend Katrin at hand , who agreed to be my muse today.

Katrin modeled flower prints at their best for me. We got the pieces for our shoot from Austrian designer  SAPERLIPOPETTE, who is excellent for wearable, adorable and comfortable women’s wear – who would have thought that these three qualities in clothing would find common ground? And did I mention that the designs actually are affordable?

I know: it sounds almost to good to be true. But the fabrics used for SAPERLIPOPETTE clothes are so comfortable ( mainly high quality cotton and viscose) that Katrin said she had no problem wearing them all day long, even at this hot weather. Wether they are stunning, I’ll let you explore, but I already know that by the end of my article I will have  you in love – either with the dresses or beautiful Vienna or (and this is directed at you, boys – I know some of  you like to peek into my blog)… perhaps with Katrin.

How stunning is Katrin looking in those designs? We loved to mix and match the different patterns and I think this is also a part of the philosophy of Saperlipopette. Some of her designs are convertible, which I think is just so much more sustainable these days, I mean we all want good value for money.  And I also think the clothes are super versatile, as they are no-fuss – one could wear them on the playground with the kids, or wear them at school, wear them at the beach club, for a Sunday afternoon stroll, on a date…you get the picture.

I would have loved wearing them today, but then I couldn’t have acted as the photographer, which every now and again I feel the urge to be. When Katrin and I stopped by the shop to get some more outfits, Katrin slid in a little time for shopping – and immediately found a piece she absolutely needed to have: looks like she is in a tangerine mood?

We decided to go the amazing Volksgarten for the second part of the shoot and if you follow my blog, you may have noticed I mentioned that Vienna has some outstanding parks.

On our way back home we stopped by the store one more time – Katrin had to snatch up a few pieces from the vibrant, womanly Saperlipopette designs. If you wanna know how to get your hands on one or the other clothing item, it is advisably to stop by their web page, since Caro, the owner, is only opening the store every second Friday and Saturday of the month. But don’t worry, you won’t have to wait another month – there is a contact number, so you can contact the owner, if you have seen something you like.

I have had the perfect muse today, and my muse certainly has updated her spring/summer wardrobe with some stunning pieces. I am only left wondering: what do my readers now think of Austrian fashion? Don’t be shy and drop me a comment!

xox, the Flamboyante



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