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Berlin based designer Michael Michalsky has not only been show opener at the annual MQ Vienna Fashion Week, but he has also been a true show stopper. The coveted designer has been known for giving brands like Adidas, MCM and Stella McCartney a fresh twist and closely working with international stars like Missy Elliot. This time he has set the crowd of Viennese fashion lovers on fire with his hyper modern and sportive designs for men and women, featuring boxy cut blazers, metalics and as you can tell plenty of dots and stripes in the men’s section. We love seeing designers having fun with their own collection and philosophy, so I was utterly pleased to see the designer strutting his stuff and doing a little turn on the cat walk at the very end of the show – sporting that kind of confidence I would love to see from my Flames usually. I guess it is time to let the images do the talk – so sit back and relax – let me inspire  you with the latest impressions from the ever elevating Viennese fashion scene:

Michalsky, Design, men's fashion, suit, male model, Vienna, AustriaMichalsky MQ VIENNA FASHION WEEK 2014MQ VIenna Fashion Week 2014, MichalskyMQ VIenna Fashion Week 2014, MichalskyMQ VIenna Fashion Week 2IMG_9683 IMG_9673 MQ VIenna Fashion Week 2014, MichalskyMQ VIenna Fashion Week 2014, MichalskyMQ VIenna Fashion Week 2014, MichalskyIMG_9682MQ VIenna Fashion Week 2014, Michalsky

Yes, Flames , it is true that I am out and about again, trying my best to keep you up with exciting stories out of my life and fashion news that really matter. In fact – and this has been a well kept secret so far – I am working to give the Flamboyante a complete new look and feel – an experience that you should benefit more from in the future. I am developing new features, which should hopefully make it easier for you to join the conversation and get interactive. My readers mean the world to me, so expect to hear from me more regularily again in the future. I will definitely keep you up to date with thrilling news about my new blog launch soon – in the mean time please don’t forget to follow my Instagram, to make sure you aren’t missing out on any of that.

I cannot wait to get a little flamboyant with all of you again, Flames, so keep your heels and lip sticks ready!

xox, the Flamboyante



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