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Winter fitness the Flamboyante


The best way to get rid off winter pounds, Flames, is to start before you’ve put them on…;p On a more serious note ,we should take our winter fitness just a serious as our summer routine .The things we do to attain that bikini figure. The harsh winter time is especially demanding for the body. Additional intake of vitamins and regular exercise, best carried out outdoors, are vital.

I have put together a few useful tips that should help you get through winter time in shape. And as I always emphasize: the fun factor should always be in first place. So when we think about winter fitness the best way to start is to think what activities we actually enjoy doing during the cold time of the year. Whether it is jogging or biking or whether you are a lover of winter sports such as skiing , there is a wide range of appropriate sports gear available.

When you opt for your winter sports wear you should always go for quality. Make sure that shirts and trousers sit tight enough and don’t allow cold air to enter. Take into consideration that at the same time the material you wear has to be able to absorb sweat. You are more likely to catch a cold when wearing loose-fitting clothes and sweating underneath.When jogging in winter you will need accessories like gloves and a scarf. Choose the appropriate material, such as thinsulate for example. It is also never wrong to feel stylish while you go after your favorite sports. My favored sports label is Adidas, especially Adidas by Stella McCartney, I really appreciate the design and functionality.

Find things that motivate you to go and get active. That could be doing activities with a friend for example. To me music is my number one motivator and I never go without my favourite playlist . I am currently listening to Silly Walk’s Clocktower Riddim, I love the positive vibes. It is important that we take a time out for ourselves every now and again. To take a walk somewhere in the fresh air and to breathe deeply is good for the body and mind. My home town offers many opportunities to get outside for fun activities, I am sure yours does too! Having a gym membership is not quintessential for staying fit throughout the year. When exercising regularly I use soy or plant-based protein to build lean muscle.

After all it is about finding your individual lifestyle that suits your preferences and needs. Then exercising should come easy.

Winter fitness the FlamboyanteWinter fitness the FlamboyanteWinter fitness the FlamboyanteWinter fitness the FlamboyanteWinter fitness the FlamboyanteWinter fitness the FlamboyanteWinter fitness the FlamboyanteWinter fitness the FlamboyanteWinter fitness the FlamboyanteWinter fitness the Flamboyante

Have a fabulous start into winter, Flames. Don’t forget to share your winter fitness experience with me in the comment section.
xox, the Flamboyante



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