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What’s in a model’s beauty safe

I’ve got one more and last post from Amsterdam and the Exchange hotel for you. I wanted to give you all some insight into a true model’s secret to beautiful, youthful looking skin. If you have thought that the pretty girls on the run way were blessed with clear and beautiful skin like this by nature – than I have got news for you: Very much likely the models have a beauty regimen with specific beauty products that will do miracles. Of course these are not the products you’d get at the usual drug store and also prices are slightly higher. But than again brands, everybody knows well, will have products at the same price range, but perhaps not as much as effective.

It is quite handy knowing a few secrets and tricks for a more glamorous self. Before I shot I use a certain product range of Rodial , that will seriously take a few years off (or a few nights of excessively partying in the past…) It preps my skin perfectly for make up, although usually I wear very little make up, as this isn’t exactly the best for skin too.

For beautiful, fresh looking skin every fashion and beauty conscious girl needs a routine. When traveling I don’t wanna take a whole trolley with cosmetics so the Rodial Glamtox Skin Care On The Go Kit is perfect for a  short-term stay.

The kit includes the Glam balm lip. I use the products before taking pictures and I think it really makes a difference. When working with make up artists during my modeling time I always got remarks about my dry lips. This product is perfect to solve the problem, had I only known it earlier. It’s texture is fabulous on the lips, it has a very gentle scent of rose and the job it does is just amazing: my lips stay plumped and juicy all day long!

The Glamoxy snake serum is like a serum to apply over the day care and it helps minimize the appearance of wrinkles – and by that I mean what I say. When taking pictures for my blog I  prefer the photos that don’t need any photo-shopping at all and with the right preparation  and make up true miracles can be achieved.

The Glamtox night is for the night skin care routine and it helps  promoting elasticity by nourishing the skin with Vitamin C and moisturizing. I really enjoy the mild tingling on my skin caused by the hyaluronic acid. How I know it works? Because I wake up in the morning with a fresh glow 😉

The Glamtox day SPF15 is brilliant  because it has sun screen and this is so vital to  keep your skin youthful looking! It contains hyaluronic acid which helps the skin cell’s renewal and is commonly known under beauty experts and celebrities. The Glamtox daycare has a nice texture that soaks up quickly and it has a lovely smell that reminded me of grapefruit.

I also loved the texture of the Glamtox cleansing balm and I was using it before applying the day and night care – it left my skin thourougly cleansed, hydrated and firm, in a way I haven’t experienced before.

Rodial products contain natural ingredients.

That’s a true model secret revealed here. Maybe most of the celebrities  are afraid to reveal their beauty secrets or they don’t have time, being occupied with other things. If you go to the press page of Rodial you will immediately see – not just how many celebs from Kate Moss to Gwyneth Paltrow are relying on it, you will realize: Rodial is a true gem in the beauty industries!

I promise I will be soon bringing you more dazzling news from the world of beauty and lifestyle as I finally decided to share my expertise with you 😉

I  hope that one or the other will find this some useful advice – stay fabulous, gorgeous!

xox, the Flamboyante



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