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FLAMES! I cannot even express how much I missed you- sincerely – and how happy I am to be back on the blog! Inevitably I had to think of something special for my ‘come back’ 😀  – since thin and airy summer clothes reveal all those bodyparts of ours we couldn’t wait to show off– but also those we’re a little less comfortable with-  I thought I will talk about how easy it can be to boost your well-being and confidence. (And yes – I did exactly that in the past few months, I exercised a little more and looked after myself just a little more – and I am feeling rad!) Let me show you how those little excuses can be bypassed easily, when we add a little routine to our daily life that is fun, rewarding and that just feels natural!

I completely understand people who are saying they have no time to work out for example, especially when you  connect being sportive with going to the Gym. A half way useful and comfortable Gym memeberhsip very often is quite pricey. A day has only got so many hours and we need to work, take care of houses and families… to make a long story short – spare time is luxury and having a Gym memebership too. If you fall in love with the thought that you could do a few simple exercises in the comfort of your own home on a daily basis, you don’t need to have much of the above!

–       I made it a habit  to do some few simple exercises at home, usually in the evening at the end of the day and they are fun and I can see the progress with my own eyes. When I do a circle of exercises the night before, I wake up energy fueled with a positive attitude the next day! This circle training includes a few very simple and basic exercises that most of us had already learned during  schooltime like squats and split squats for a toned bum and  thighs, dumbbel exercises for firm arms, sit up and crunches for a cute bikini tummy. You could search for Fitness Videos on the Internet or on Dvd that include exercises that suit your personal taste – and don’t forget:  your playlist of favourite songs will make sure that time flies while you’re having fun!


–       While you work or do other activities where you don’t primarily focus on your body: flex your muscels! Your biceps, triceps abs and glutes are all there and they just love some attention – tuck in your tummy during the day and keep an eye on keeping a good posture! Look out for awesome spare time activities with friends that include sports and wellness.

The Flamboyante diet

–       Think about your diet. Diet doesn’t necessarily mean weight loss, it actually means the way you eat.The rules for a healthy balanced diet can be very easy. Summer is perfect for adding tons of fruit and vegetable to your daily menu – they will have you put up weight the least of  all food. Cutting out carbs or not eating them anymore from afternoon onwards is also known to many of us and highly effective, especially when your skinny jeans are squeezing too tight. Drink plenty of water – do I need to say more?


Give yourself the time and attention you deserve and embrace your very own beauty fully. Then you will find the motivation to finally do those things that lingered in your mind for so long and are designed to make you feel better, stronger and more self confident!

It is nice to have a closet full of pretty and stylish clothes – but nothing says STYLE so much like a well looked after body and a happy and self confident person to which it belongs.

For more inspiration and advice follow my Instagram and look out for those posts with #bodyconscious!


Are you already body – conscious Flames? Let me hear about it!

xox, the Flamboyante

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