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Beauty, Giveaway


Dear all, it is time to announce a winner for the September GIVEAWAY: SPREADIN’ THE LOVE and to show you what treat one of my lovely readers will get this October.

But before all of that I felt the need to say, that unfortunately the winner of the July giveaway has never received her win. I co-operated with clothing label Sinfused and we both agreed to do a giveaway, where on of my readers could choose an outfit consisting of top and bottom. Unfortunately the company had let me down and never shipped to the winner. Dee of the Haute Frugalista, who was the winner, has been truly kind and understanding, she didn’t want me to send her any reimbursement but actually go for a drink, whenever my ways should take me to Miami – THANK YOU, DEE, YOU ROCK 😉

Why am I telling you all of this? I want you to know that my giveaways are REAL and that all of the other prices have already been sent out or are on their way.

The winner of my September GIVEAWAY: SPREADIN’ THE LOVE is:  Robin Adler (@ToxicBeautyBlog)!  – You are the winner of the Agust giveaway – CONGRATS!

So here is my October giveaway for one of my fashionable friends and readers: in October I want to help you unleash your inner Hollywood Diva. For a breath-taking flutter à la Marylin Monroe try BEAUTY SOCIETY eyelash enhancing mascara! BEAUTY SOCIETY developed this mascara, alongside a serum, to help natural lashes grow longer and thicker. Vitamin B5 is for sure going to nourish and strengthen your lashes, whilst extracts from Olives alongside di-peptides are said to work wonders in terms of growing…sounds intriguing!  I think I may try the serum for a few month, and will let you know how it goes.

How to win this update to your beauty products and make-up collection:


1)  Follow my blog – via Bloglovin’ by clicking on this icon and  entering your e-mail address


or simply scroll down my blog,  go to: Follow Blog via Email on the right hand side – enter your e-mail address and your good to go!

WordPress users are welcome to simply follow my blog through WordPress…

2) Comment on one post you thought was fabulous – just click through the categories: Fashion, Beauty, Trend, Travel on the top bar, to find a post you like. Click on the post and comment.

3) Let me know you followed my blog and commented on one post (preferably tell me which post you commented on)  by commenting on this post – and that’s your entry !                   (for example: I commented on Tomorrow’s fashion today: PROENZA SCHOULER Spring/Summer 13, I want to win the mascara)!

The price draw is open to anyone worldwide – no restrictions. If you didn’t follow the above rules (not commenting on a post or not following my blog) your entry won’t be accepted.

I also recommend following the Flamboyante on


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to get updates on fashion, life and style, beauty, price draws and to know when a winner is announced!

Winner for this price draw will be announced 1st of November!

I am crossing my fingers for you all, don’t forget: you deserve to be glamourous!

xox, the Flamboyante

PS: I just thought I’d let you know there is another giveaway on my blog – your chance to win a saphire pendant worth Â£ 1000! –  alongside a fabulous article about what to look out for when buying diamonds – we never know when in life we’ll consider buying one, but when we do, we should make sure we make the best choice possible…so go check it out: http://missflamboyante.wordpress.com/2012/10/04/things-to-look-out-for-when-buying-diamond-jewellery/



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