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Let’s ask the models: What makes you beautiful?

The beauty of virtually connecting with people in the fashion industry worldwide is, that I never run out of interesting material that I can share with you. I hope that – like that –  I can add value and inspiration to your all day life.

A lot of people talk about diets or ask how models stay toned and  healthy looking. A lot of my friends want to know what they can do for beautiful skin for example. Julia Lang, Media Relations Co-ordinator of the Vancouver Fashion Week, was so kind  to interview five models for my blog, and ask them what their daily beauty routine is. Who could answer all your beauty and diet related questions better than those, whose job it is to look their best?

See what they said and enjoy the backstage photo report from Vancouver Fashion Week SS 13:

1)    What is your daily beauty routine?

  1. I wash my face and keep my skin moisturized
  2. Wash, tone, moisturize
  3. Clarins exfoliating wash and moisturizer
  4. Exfoliate with coffee grinds, face wash, moistrurizer
  5. Shower, exfoliate, hair care

2)    Since when are you modeling?

  1. 3 years (since I was 14)
  2. 3 years
  3. April 2012
  4. Since I was 15
  5. Since I was 18

3)    What is your diet made of?

  1. I just eat as healthy as I can
  2. Whole wheat bread, lentil, salads, vegetables
  3. Lean proteins, veggies, no fast food
  4. Very little red meat
  5. Chicken, fish, rice

4)    What makes Vancouver Fashion Week so special?

  1. It`s cool seeing the whole design team and hanging out with the other models
  2. Representing local designers
  3. First time doing it, international designers
  4. Home city, meeting new designers
  5. Hang out with friends, make new connections

Hmm, exfoliating with coffee grinds sounds interesting to me… With winter being just around the corner here in Austria, I will definitely have to come up with something more suited for the colder time of the year.

What is your daily beauty routine?

xox, the Flamboyante



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