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Ask any Supermodel from Miranda Kerr to Joan Smalls what they do to get beautiful skin, and you will soon notice, they all have one thing in common – they all use organic skin care products. When it comes to good skin care it is true when they say less is more. It all boils down to consequently following a regimen, that is truly good for the very specific needs of your skin. That’s why I don’t use skin care products that contain artificial ingredients, most of the products found in drug stores do. Just because the average facial cream is inexpensive doesn’t mean I would buy it. Having  radiant skin takes effort and keeping my skin in a good condition is important to me. It is impossible to say which skin care range is the very best, that works the greatest wonders for everyone, because we all have individual skin types. Moisturizing your skin deeply is certainly one of the keys to maintaining a healthy balanced complexion. There are, for sure, magnificent skin care ranges that produce top notch products, often used by famous models and celebrities – not for nothing of course!

The Flamboyante

I personally use products by Ligne St. Barth and they’ve won me over for the following reasons: All the ingredients are completely natural and organic, the ingredients used are avocado and coconut oil, mango butter, papaya, aloe vera, melon, frangipani flowers and Caribbean sea water, deriving from and being produced on the Caribbean island St. Barth. Each product only has one main ingredient and I have been completely crazy about their mango butter cream for years now because it supplies my skin with moisture best, it is light on the skin and has an amazing smell. The packaging is simple yet sophisticated, which is important too, since we should have fun with the products we use on a daily basis.

Skin care to me is a ceremony,  and I follow it religiously. There are three steps that I do twice a day – in the morning and evening – and these are cleansing (with St.Barth frangipani flower cleansing milk), toning (with the melon extract tonic lotion) moisturizing (using the mango butter cream). Once a week a peeling is helpful to remove dead skin cells and reveal a rosy skin glow, and when afterwards a good face mask is applied, then your skin should be as giddy as a school girl!

As I mentioned before – maybe another skin care range may be perfect for your specific needs, but whatever you do to your skin – make sure it is organic! I have tried several products to finally get my skin to a condition I am quite happy with. I used Murad products in the past and they helped me controlling break outs and balancing out lack of moisture and elasticity – some of the usual problems many of us have to fight with.Therefor I would highly recommend Murad products and supplements as well!  Here are a few other skin care ranges I think are great, that I have tried or using at the moment:

 RODIALThe testimonial page reads like the who is who of Supermodels and A-listers. Rodial products visibly boost and plump the skin as I would think no other skin care range does. I use the Dragon Blood Sculpting gel before I take photos and this gel basically works like a diffuser on the face, diminishing fine lines and giving a youthful look. I look at it as a specific product, that I use additionally to my moisturizing cream.

MURAD:  I didn’t alawys have such clear skin and had to fight impurities in the past, which may occur because of stress or wrong dieting.  Using Murad products helped me solve the problem. A cosmetician recommended Murad Pure Skin Clarifying Dietary supplements, which I found working really well. I highly recommend Murad for any skin concerns from sensitive skin to anti-ageing.

KORA ORGANICS: – by Miranda Kerr! The Über Model brought out her own completely organic skin care range. Trying out her hydrating mask is on the very top of my beauty wish list. I mean – let’s be honest – who wouldn’t want to have amazing skin texture like Miranda Kerr…!?


To get back to my personal skin care range: the papaya cream face masks works even better when mixed with fresh blended papaya – the fruit enzymes are guaranteed to leave a youthful, rosy glow on your skin. What I recommend for sure: A weekly timeout for a couple of hours – just for you, your skin and your overall well-being – far away from work, family or any obligations. Some quality time with yourself – isn’t that what a true Flame deserves every now and again?

Did I forget to mention any skin care range that is great? What labels do you love for your skin? Join the conversation and leave me a comment – I am looking forward to reading them!

xox, the Flamboyante



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